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Welcome! Holistic Yoga is taught with a mindful attitude nurturing mind, body, and spirit. Due to the pandemic classes are on Zoom.

The Tuesday 9:30 Yoga for Strength and Flexibility focuses on repeating strength building yoga in 3 sets of 10 reps and holding stretches for 30 seconds for 3 reps to enhance the benefits of the poses.

My Wednesday 9 AM Slow Flow classes are designed to fit the needs of the 50+ yogi but yogis of all ages are welcome. Gentle on the wrist, no chaturanga required. Class ends with a 10 minute guided visualization.

Wednesday at 10:30 we have Yoga Blend. It is prefect for the yogi who cannot get on the floor. We do exercises sitting in a chair and standing including qigong. The class ends with a 10 minute guided visualization.

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