Summer ~ that time of year so full of joy that it seems like anything is possible. Sometimes we get so caught up in the joy and possibilities of summer that we find ourselves in a manic state full of ideas for activities or exhausted from trying to get it all in. Our emotions can range from depression to mania, much like a young person in love.

To balance your energy during summer months allow yourself some downtime every day; perhaps with a nap, meditation, yoga, or tai chi. Nourish yourself with water and cool foods such as watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and bok choy.

With the energy of summer on your side it’s a good time to take action for positive change but thoughtful planning is needed to help you avoid over exuberance.

Welcome! Holistic Yoga is taught with a mindful attitude nurturing mind, body, and spirit.

The Tuesday 9:30 & Wednesday 9 AM Slow Flow classes are designed to fit the needs of the 50+ yogi but yogis of all ages are welcome. Class usually ends with a guided visualization.

Wednesday at 10:30 we have Yoga Blend. This class is prefect for the yogi who cannot get on the floor. We do exercises sitting in a chair and standing including qigong. The class usually ends with a guided visualization.

Classes are also available at Belle Meade and Pine Knoll for residents and their guest.

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