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Spring is here!! Our exploration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tells us that Spring is the time of year when anger is most likely to arise. As we move in Spring notice any signs of anger that may arise. They may arise in the form of jealousy, frustration, or resentment.

This very human emotion is cause by something in our life not going as planned. Maybe we get a speeding ticket and we are angry at ourselves for rushing. Maybe someone is rude to us in the checkout line. But basically it arises when something or someone does not meet our expectations.

The balancing virtues we want to cultivate are kindness and forgiveness. Be kind and forgiving to others when they don’t live up to your expectations. And do the same for that precious person we think of as you.

Nurture ~

TCM encourages us to nurture our liver during Spring. We can do this by consuming pickled foods, lightly steamed veggies, and whole grains while avoiding or limiting alcohol.

Tai Chi and yoga also nurture the liver; specifically spinal twist, backbends and inversions. We will use our yoga practice as an opportunity to nurture the liver and gallbladder during the months of spring.


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