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During the first 8 weeks of 2017 we have been reviewing Yoga Basics. This is a great time to start your practice or review the fundamentals to enhance your practice. You may join in at anytime.

In April we will transition into an 8 week series of Mindful Yoga. Students will learn how to incorporated the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness into practice and how to take mindfulness into everyday life.

Mindful Yoga will be followed by A Journey Through the Chakras.  This series will begin in June. Yoga practice naturally opens our energy channels. But typically a short time after practice our autopilot or life scripts (samscara) take over and our energy channels begin to get blocked again.  In this class we will take a mindful approach to exploring the samscara that cause our energy to be blocked. By shining the light of awareness on our storys or life scripts we begin to clear our chakras so they begin to function in a balanced way. Yoga combined with mindfulness gives a complete transformation of samscara.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the mat. Namaste!

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